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Of Course, I Am Scrolling Through Social Media Again

I am starting to think my brain is fundamentally broken. I can’t sleep, can’t sit still, and literally can’t do anything online without scrolling through social media.

It happens when I am not paying attention, and then I suddenly realise that post I sat down to write isn’t getting finished off, not are those photos getting edited. Instead, I am down a rabbit whole of the worst things about humanity or finding out why someone is getting cancelled on Twitter today.

I don’t think this is an attention thing like I have suffered from before, more of an entertainment need. Perhaps now is the time to take a step back from the online world and write more. That seemed to work for Matt Birchler, and was a big reason I had a very productive end of last year.

It isn’t easy for me to quite social media because it’s pretty much where all of my social interaction comes from (sad I know), but I am going to try.

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