My life doesn’t work like that

Shawn Blanc has a cushty life being able to be indistractable until lunch.

Between 6am and noon is arguably my most precious / important / valuable time of the day for getting things done. That’s why I keep all of my devices in Do Not Disturb until noon. This way I am free from any and all notifications, pings, buzzes, until the morning is over and it’s time for a lunch break.

Oh to live in a world where I didn’t need to earn money between the hours of 9-12. To have a life where I could work when I want to and have no regard for people needing me.

The buzzes and dings that wouldn’t disturb my life. Leaving my kids to fend for themselves with any issues, no boss disturb my concentration, and nothing ever break that needs my attention.

That would be the life.

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