Greg Morris

Are you following me?


Even though I shot about 200 photos over the 3 days we spent camping, I ventured out today to shoot some street photography. It’s like mediation for me and I faced a bit of time out. The weather was a bit rubbish, and the light a bit muted, but I just wanted to get out and shoot a bit for something to do.

This was the first time trying to shoot in the street following my switch from my beloved Sony 85mm to 35mm on the x100v. I really struggled to get comfortable, feeling far too close to everything and everyone. At times I felt like giving up entirely and throwing this camera in the bin.

I struggled to find much to shoot, and those I did capture were not very interesting. Every single shot was deleted in camera. I came home dejected, felling like a failure and wondering why I bother. If I didn’t love this camera in other situations so much, I would have listed it straight away on eBay!

Given a few breaths and a drive home, it’s easy to see the answer is to work harder and practice. To become a better photographer with a 35mm lens and stop worrying. Some days just go like that, and you don’t see anything or don’t feel very inspired. In truth, what I don’t want to do is just take the same shots as others, or shoot for the sake of it. By failing, I have learnt something.

It’s easier to buy new things. There is a whole world out there telling you to buy this and that. Solving any problem you have with new shiny things and mounting up your debt. It’s something I have done before even when I got nice shots, so when I don’t the feelings can become even worse.

It won’t make me give up though, just feel a little disappointed for a while and then just get on with it. Such is life.