Shortcut: Pocket Quote To Obsidian

One of my favorite things to do is read through all the items I have saved throughout the day to my articles. It gives me time to wind down and usually gives me something to think about, and where most of my link posts come from. Unfortunately I can’t find anything that reliably shares any highlight I make to Obsidian, although things are in the making, so I made a Shortcut.

Pocket have changed the way that articles are shared out of the app recently and make this much more accessible instead of hiding the URL. This Shortcut isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing I am sure it could be done better, but it works! All you need to do is highlight the quote you want to save, then select share via and tap the Shortcut.

Get it here

App needed: You will need to download Tool Box Pro at the moment because Shortcuts is unable to save files outside of the Shortcuts folder in iOS14 and earlier.

To set this up in Tool Box Pro

Head into setting, then set up a folder bookmark as your obsidian folder. Then in the Shortcut select the folder bookmark you have set up. Hopefully you wont need this much longer, and I will update the shortcut when iOS15 comes out.

Greg Morris @gr36