Getting Rid Of Amazon

I feel like I am cutting more things out of my life than I am putting in at the minute, but its a journey that is proving ever beneficial. Amazon have annoyed me to such a stage that I am removing my reliance on them completely, a task that unfortunately is proving more difficult that I first anticipated. So much so that I have almost given up a couple of times but I am slowly managing to find other options.

Purchases are pretty easy to remove, I just find everything somewhere else. The only downside is delivery and expectations. I have been a Prime subscriber for years now and as such order everything from Amazon. They stock almost everything, at a great price, with free delivery and a slick distribution and returns network — there is no equal and perhaps that is part of the problem.

Prime is now canceled, I never watched the TV anyway, but other stores that sell items have no where near the level of service that Amazon do. So expectations need to be dampened a little, and hopefully that may mean I might buy less stuff! I have found a local place to collect my dog food from at regular intervals, and this weekend found a place that offers the last few bits we had on a subscription with Amazon. I am supporting more local businesses now than ever and hate myself for relying on Amazon for so long instead of doing a bit of work and finding other places.

Due to their incompetence Amazon have lost around £200 from me already this month as I have purchased all business needed from somewhere else, and will continue to loose around £45 per month not including one off purchases from now on. Don’t get me wrong the company doesn’t give a damn about me dumping them, they told me as much themselves, but if more people do then it may cause a dent.

I just need to purchase a different E-Reader and Kindle will be the last one to go. I purchased a physical book for the first time in years yesterday! Fun times.

Greg Morris @gr36