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Scared Of Changes

M.G. Siegler in defence of Safari:

largely I read this critique (which itself is kicked off by linking to another critique, which itself is kicked off linking to more critiques still) as one that is just as much about not liking change at all as it is about the new changes.

This was very much me when I first tried out iOS15 a few weeks back. The iOS version especially just breaks my brain and every bit of muscle memory built from years of using an iPhone.

I still don’t get it though. Even after taking a step back and looking at the way it works. The bottom URL bar I can forgive even though it feels like changing for changing sake, but the buttons that users need are all now hidden away. Reload, share, in fact everything other than forwards and backwards is behind a nondescript three dots. This feels a little like the multi-function reply button from iOS13 so hopefully the designers will realise how stupid this is — Matt Birchler has offered up a few ideas that are straight from current HIG designs.