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More Thought Less Action

Don’t get me wrong, there are massive advantages to fast moving, constantly updated feeds of things happening. Twitter has been instrumental in so many positive things in the world it is worth remembering at every turn. However I want to live in a world with more thought goes into things posted.

Books are written almost a year before they come out.
Tweets take about 24 seconds to launch.
Which world would you like to live in, book-world or twitter-world? – Seth Goodin

There should be a holding cell. What if instead of launching your tweet into the internet its kept to one side, like your drunken texts to an ex, they remain until you confirm your intention to send later on. A get out of jail free card for those tweets you really shouldn’t have sent, and a way to make sure your feelings are straight before you throw your thoughts into the conversation.

How many of your tweets or status updates would be deleted if you had to confirm sending them 12 hours later?