The Rage Machine

Maple Cocaine on Twitter on Twitter:

Each day on Twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it.

Such a simple few words seems to have captured so much of my feelings towards social media and Twitter specifically . Every day there is something else for the different levels of twitter to get emotional about. Those emotions are almost always negative and hateful in their tone.

There isn’t outpouring of positivity and creation like there was a few years ago. This has something to do with the surrounding world, but everything to do with the emotions people put into Twitter. I do still use it, but shy away from much conversation due to not wanting to occupy myself with it more than needed.

I want very much to curate my social media garden to be more pleasant, but somethings just seem to break through. This week it was Basecamp, next week it will be something else. The rage machine keeps on working if you like it or not.

Greg Morris @gr36