Where Does Apple Go With iPad OS?

Jeff Perry on needing the iPad software to catch up

I can see reviews coming a mile away claiming that the M1 chip is overkill for the iPad Pro and that it isn’t worth the same price as the MacBook Air, or that users should save money on the iPad Pro and just get the MacBook Air instead. As of right now, I can’t come up with any new arguments on behalf of the iPad than I had before this announcement. 

I can’t point at anything that moves the needle on being compelled to buy a new iPad. Even when compared to the 2018 version your pretty much getting the same thing, bar a camera and mini LED on the 12.9”.

I’m not sure either of things are needed by most people that use an iPad, but that’s a personal thing. No doubt the M1 is amazingly powerful but nothing changes at the moment. We keep holding our breath for a sea change in usability from iPad OS. Yet each you comes and goes with nothing bar a few tweets or changing the multitasking again!

I’m not even sure what that is. Where does Apple go with iPad OS without compromising more than they add in? I’m lost for ideas but please Apple. Do something. Shock me. Surprise me. Make a £1000 investment worth it.

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