Posting To The Internet Is Not Your Job

I’m at risk of starting to sound like a broken record. This strange habit exists in me that I want to do loads of things but just never quite get around to them. I want to make videos, have a podcast, and publish loads of blog posts. The truth is I have no reasoning for wanting to do any of these things though, other than posting to the internet.

There is no desire in me to preserve my life in writing or video. No need to spread my garbled messages with the world. I have no knowledge grater than anyone else on this planet and, in fact, considerably less than most. I just want to do these things, but at points it sometimes feels like my job.

Don’t confuse this with lack of enjoyment. I love doing the things I do, and in many respects that is my motivation. However, giving myself a hard time because I have not fulfilled these desires is not what I am about either. There is a tendency for those like me to beat themselves up for not posting enough. Not producing enough content for the web as if this is our jobs. As if we are placed on the planet to feed the internet with our stuff completely free and as often as possible.

Sure. If it is your job, then carry on! For the most of us thought it’s simply the enjoyment that lasts. There shouldn’t be any bad feelings about what tools you use, what things you like doing or what you get up to. You don’t have to post regularly, or do it a certain way, or cover certain things.

It’s not your job to posts to the internet and it sure as hell shouldn’t feel like one. Feel free to post exactly what you want, as often or infrequently as you want. You don’t have to feel like you need to do anything. The enjoyment of doing it is enough without any pressure.

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