When Are You Enough?

Every single advert you see on Tv has a pretty simple message. It wants you to be motivated enough to buy the stuff it is selling. They do this in a myriad of different ways, approach each one with a different angle or perhaps a different message, but the overall message delivered is ~you~ are not good enough without this thing.

Your body isn’t good enough, your hair, your clothes, the car you drive, even the food you eat. Nothing that you are currently doing, or anything about your own self, is good enough compared to this thing. Just look at how happy these people are, having loads of fun and smiling all the time. Don’t you want to smile too?

When you buy this thing, and only this thing we are selling, you will instantly feel better about yourself. You’ll be more attractive, look better and the sun will always shine. Of course when you do buy extra stuff you do feel good, at first. However it soon wears off and you will return to your normal state, and now feel bad for spending money and achieving nothing. So if buying this didn’t work, what is the answer?

It’s getting something else of course. Now you’ve got this thing, here’s another thing to buy, and perhaps you will feel happy with that one instead. Around and around it goes, accumulating stuff, because you’re not enough, spending money you don’t have because banks will lead you money to help you have enough. All in search of something you are told you’ve lost.

At what point are you enough? Where is your breaking point on this cycle of hate? Many people get all of these things and only then realise that they don’t make any difference. A truth we know right at the start.

You are enough already, you have enough to make you happy — and even if you don’t, accumulating stuff isn’t the answer.

You’re the answer. You’re enough. You’re awesome.


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