Greg Morris

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This Is How You Write

When you first start out writing anything it’s daunting. It feels like it’s one of those things that anyone can do, but instantly feels like it’s something you can’t do very well. The reasons it feels like that is a complicated thing to work out but there are millions of people ready to tell you you’re wrong —- and that doesn’t help.

There are courses all over the internet to teach you how, as well as loads people to pick faults in the way you do it. To tell you how they do, and why their opinion matters to you. Why you should listen to them, what keywords to use and the types of images you should use. You know the old phrase about opinions the fact everyone’s got one. Well even more people have them about what you do with your blog.

Blogging can be very personal, and many people treat it as such. However, there’s no need to get bogged down in the minute details. Extraordinarily little resistance to getting your words out to people, and even less reasons to fret over what everyone else writes.

While you are worrying about everyone else’s opinions on the correct way to do things, you’re not writing. While you’re casting aspersions on other people that do not do things what you consider is the correct way, you’re not writing either. There is enough room on the internet for everyone to publish, and not feel like they don’t fit. There is no way you should be writing, no perfect blogging for you to be doing, and no advise that needs giving.

Just write and publish however you want to. Sit in the chair and do it.