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Digital Social Distancing

Michael wrote:

some of the people I unfollowed are genuine friends of mine. But I’ve sort-of reached a breaking point. I was becoming more and more miserable with each passing day and my Twitter timeline — a place that used to be filled with links to neat applications, interesting gadgets, and positive ideas — was filled with political stories that just made me unhappy.

I know this feeling well. Some of the people I have unfollowed is simply because of the way some of their posts make me feel. I have moved quite a few people to lists and just checking in on them every so often. I’ve also opted to send the odd email to people instead of replying to their tweet, or move it to somewhere I am more comfortable to reply.

This is a huge problem with social media and its catch all approach, I deeply care for some of the people I used to follow on Social Media but I need to be distanced from the noise.

One thing that has taught me though is the people that reach out to you are the ones that are really worth following.