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2020 In Review

This year more than ever it is so difficult to review the year and start to plan the year to come. Nothing from my 2020 plan came to fruition, so the natural thing is to not bother at all. However, the last 12 month were like nothing that has gone before, and although the next year will be impossible to predict there is hope it should be more normal than the one just gone.

So, I will wrap up, nonetheless, and this year I wanted to publish my thoughts and if nothing else have something that I can be publicly accountable to and perhaps this will lead to a bit more motivation. To aid this, I have split this into a few areas as my life is pretty diverse and also included the ways to achieve these new goals.



  • I actually began publishing videos again
  • Improved my editing skills
  • Upgraded gear considerably


  • Some of them are not up to the standard I want
  • Did not post as many as I should have


Publish at least 20 videos on the next year of a standard that I am happy with.

  • I am changing the focus away from reviews and towards the tools I use and topics I want to cover.
  • These videos should be easier to produce

Have more than 1000 subscribers

  • Producing more videos
  • Tagging better
  • Producing better thumbnails

Blog Posts


  • Posts I made are about topics I want to address
  • Started a newsletter


  • I have not posted as much as I wanted to


Post at least once a week for the next year

  • Continue to write more notes and ideas down in Roam, surface these better and build a system to be reminded of them
  • Reduce posting friction by looking at other options for hosting or publishing

Publish at least 25 editions of a newsletter

  • Continue collecting ideas and writing these every other week

Grow readership 2x

  • Share older editions more openly
  • Look at other options for hosting and improving sign up workflow

Other Creative Work


  • Improved my photo editing skills dramatically
  • Completed more private work


  • I brought to an end two podcasts


Improve illustustator skils

  • Complete qualifications

Improve UI and UX knowledge

  • Complete qualifications

Take part in more podcasts

  • Offer availability for guest spots on other shows
  • Start own show?



  • More exercise minutes than the previous year
  • I discovered cycling
  • My weight is considerably less than last year
  • Ran faster 10k for 2 years in October
  • My diet is much healthier
  • Spent much less time sitting


  • I didn’t meditate as much as I would like
  • had many more low days


Meditate at least 20 minutes 5/7 days

  • Make time in my schedule
  • Set a reminder

Improve my flexibility

  • Combine this with regular radio routine before/after workout
  • Yoga classes on Fitness+

Improve shoulder strength

  • Strength workouts twice a week

All in all, although my mental halth is worse, my physical health is much better and my creative work has changed direction a little. Despite all of the set backs this has not been as terrible as it could have been and I am very blessed to have been able to work all the way through the year.

What are you aiming for in the next 12 months? Share your goals with me or give me some input on achieving mine. I’d love to hear from you.