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Average Joe walks into an Apple Store

"Hello, I'd like to buy one of the new iPhones, please!" "Sure thing, here's the new iPhone 12. It's fast, beautiful, and is generally awesome." "Sweet, I'll take it. This box is really small." "Yup, that's because Apple is making the environmental move to reduce waste and not give you yet another charging brick when you, a loyal Apple customer likely have tons of these already." "I have bought a new iPhone every 2 years for as long as iPhones have existed, I'm extremely loyal! So I can use one of the half dozen bricks I have in my house already?" "Well, no, see the included Lightning cable doesn't work with any brick we've shipped with an iPhone except last year's iPhone 11 Pro." "Ok then, I guess that's fine, I suppose I can use one of the less-frayed cables I have at home to charge this phone." "Don't get too ahead of yourself, because we have this new charging technology that we think you're going to love: MagSafe. It's wireless charging, but it's faster than previous iPhones and magnets make it more reliable too."

“Nah! I’m good. I already have a wireless charging pad my wife uses for her Samsung something or other. I just put my phone on charge when I go to bed so I’m not bothered.”

“But this new technology it’s…”

“Listen. I’m not paying £30 for a charging brick and then another £30 for a charger with a magnet in. If I get any problems I’ll order a cheap cable and plug on Amazon for like £10.”

Us nerds. We have a tendency to get over excited about new things. And Matts post above is very tongue in cheek, but there is no way the average person cares about charging speeds, wattages and being upsold anything else.

Hell, you’d be hard pushed for many of them to be actually getting their phone from an Apple store. Most will be handed the box in a carrier store and the rep will then try and up sell them a cheap third party plug. Then they will choose to buy a USB-C plug or stick with the several cheep Amazon chargers they have lying around the house.

If they are a bit more tech savvy they might place it on the IKEA nightstand they have, or indeed buy a wireless pad from Amazon for less than the parking they paid to go shopping in the first place.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and think that most people will ever be introduced to MagSafe unless they wonder why their clear case has a design that looks like a Q on the back. I am not nieve enough to think that Apple removing the charging brick is anything other than penny pinching - but I am also of the belief that no one outside our little bubble really cares.