Is Mystic Bronze Actually Pink?

After frequenting the Galaxy Fold owners forums and subreddits, one of the biggest and most asked questions is in relation to Samsungs new colour ‘Mystic Bronze’. Whilst it sounds all mysterious with the marketing panache of Apple’s colours — what people really want to know is if it is pink, and if so how pink is it really.

This is a difficult question to answer. Not because there isn’t enough of them about, there are loads of hands on videos and review of both the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and also the Galaxy Z Fold 2 — with Samsung providing Mystic Bronze to every reviewer. More so because there is a lot to take into account when deciding on a colour as complex as this one.

Much like the new Midnight Green colour that the iPhone 11 Pro comes in, Mystic Bronze looks different in different lights. Its matte texture adds to the colour shift and in many instances it appears very bronze coloured. Looking straight on at the phone you would be hard pushed to call the colour anything other than a muted bronze. However when you look at the phone in your hand, the camera bump, rings around the camera sensors and also the top and bottom edges have a much more Pink hue to them.

Note 20 Ultra 2 2

It is only when you place the phone next to contrasting colours such as dark jeans or a dark desk, that you really see the pink hue come to life. In comparison to something that is actually is bronze coloured there is really no comparison to the colour. While this defiantly isn’t rose gold, its not bronze either.

Adding A Case

You’d think that this could be mediated by putting a case on your phone, and while that is a great idea in principle it actually adds to the Pink colour. By isolating the Camera unit the phone takes on more of a pink vibe and may make some people even more unhappy. So bare this in mind if you are thinking about getting this colour.

Note 20 Ultra 1 1

Personally I think this colour is great and those that go for it will be very happy with its overall finish and it’s resistance to finger prints. However bear in mind that this phone defiantly is pinkish.

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