Going Back

I realised after sending last weeks newsletter that I never completed the story of my lust for a simpler time. It didn’t end as far back as I wanted to go, because there is no denying in the modern world I pretty much have to have an smartphone, but it thankfully got pretty far.

I am now the proud owner of two iPhone SE’s (SEes? SI?). I bought a used OG iPhone SE first, and used this for a week of peace. The size shift was much easier than I expected and my non essential usage dropped to zero. During this period though the battery life was a huge issue, and I resorted to buying a 2020 iPhone SE instead.

I am not exaggerating when I say that this phone is the best one I have ever owned. For £429 I have a phone that is much lighter, easier to manage and has all the modern innards I love. I have made some bold statements on not being interested in anything new Apple has to offer, but I honestly could not see myself using anything else without a really good reason. I may write a longer thought post on ‘downgrading’ at a later date, but it safe to say I am over the moon with a simpler tech life.

I have a new level of emotional ambivalence towards my smartphone and I wish others did. I love the connectivity options it gives me, but don’t like having to use it — weird I know.


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