We Might Be Getting that 120Hz iPhone 12 After All

Matt Birchler wrote:

Well, just yesterday I was weighing whether I’d prefer a high refresh screen or 5G in the new iPhones, but if this is legit, it looks like I won’t have to choose. Can you tell how much I’m grinning over here?

It was reading this post when it finally hit me, I am so far removed from things like this now that I simply couldn’t care less about screen refresh rates and other bells and whistles.

I am no longer interested in reading or even thinking about rumours of new iPhones. Specs and supposed innovations such as a higher refresh rate no longer dictate my buying decisions.

A year ago I would have been all over these types of things, giving my opinions and talking about it to anyone that would listen. I would have convinced myself that I NEED this new model because the screen will be so much better to use.

Now, every feature rumour I see does not make a difference to the way I use my phone any longer. Which is sparingly and for quick little tasks.


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