I’ll Gladly Pay Extra For Apple To Manage My Payments

I take out loads of free trials. What can I say I am a sucker for a freebie and even if I have no intention of paying out any money for an app or service I will sign up and try it for a bit. It’s a great way to be exposed to new things and test things out, as with something like Roam Research, I am sometimes surprised and sign up anyway.

This can be a nightmare on the web, after some nasty accidents I have to set reminders to cancel services with a link in plenty of time, so I don’t get charged. Yet on iOS all of that stress is taken away from me, and Apple will even warn me just before I am due to pay with a small heads up. Delete an app with an active subscription, Apple warns me with a pop up — and if I want to cancel anything they are all in one easy to manage page right on my phone.

Couple this with the fact I can pay Apple and not have to go through any websites and give my information to anyone else and I will gladly pay a little extra to keep my information safe and not get any unwanted expenditure.

I understand this is a fairly unique position to be in, but when the worst comes the worst and money leaves your bank, if Apple handles everything you know where to turn. Where would I go if an app or service I signed up for on my iPhone takes money from me but Apple didn’t handle the payments? Left to try and get in touch with a company I know very little about.

even when making payments for things online, I always opt for the Apple Pay or Paypal option because I simply don’t trust many other options. I don’t have to worry about the security and practices of the company I am buying from because they only get basic information about me. In some cases they won’t even receive my email!

What is there not to love about one company doing it all for you, that company could be Apple, Google, or whoever, the point is I have one company to worry about and I trust Apple more than any other company on the planet to do the job well and keep me secure.

I thought long and hard about this post, it has squandered in my drafts folder for a few days for risk of being drawn into an argument I don’t care about. This is no comment on the current issues surrounding how much Apple takes as its cut or blocks apps that try other options. It is simply my opinion that I am thrilled the Apple manages everything for me.

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