Features I Would Like In Hey

Nothing can ever be perfect, and Hey is no different. It takes some thought to get used to all the features, but there are some things that I would really like to see implemented in the near future. I have every confidence the service will be imported following feedback, so investment in this is well worth it in my opinion. Heres some things that I would like and ideas about how they could work.

Import of Mbox

This is a biggie, and almost the one that put me off switching over. I really would like to see the ability to import all my old email, so I can be done with gmail forever. There are emails, files and all sorts fo information I am almost constantly referring back to, so I really need to only rely on once service.

Hey allows you to export your email in the mbox format, so I would really love to see them allow it the other way. This would allow me to set up my filters better than ever. This would put strain on their storage and servers though, and I do understand that they want you to have a fresh new start.

Smarter Notifications

As it stands currently there is no way for me to know that there are emails in My Feed or Paper Trail. I am currently checking periodically and it’s a bit of a pain. I completely understand that these types of emails are supposed to be out of sight, but some notification would be great.

Currently, I can turn notifications on for some emails that go into the feed, such as my wonderful newsletter but I think it is too much work to filter these. Being able to set notification or notification levels would be the perfect balance. Perhaps I don’t want a push notification, but a discrete banner to let me know my bill has arrived such as below.

Navigation Improvements

The team need to improve the way to get from Imbox to Paper Trail and The Feed particularly on mobile. Currently, you must tap on the Hey button, tap the area you wish to go to. This isn’t too much hassle, but when you wish to go to the next area, swiping back and the repeating the process becomes tiresome.

A tabbed menu at the bottom would be too much and defeat the whole purpose of putting marketing emails and receipts out the way, so some thought around this is needed.

The Feed

Newsletters are my thing. Reading them in Hey is great as they are all filtered out, bar a few marketing emails mixed in that I still want to see. However, What about them disappearing from the feed completely when I have read them?

Currently, the feed displays everything that has arrived with nothing to say you’ve seen it before. A small notification for some that I like reading straight away would also be a helpful addition.

There you have it. Not many things that I haven’t got my head around and made Hey my email service of choice. I would really like to see the mbox import if all else fails. Just so I can finally move over completely. 🙏


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