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Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro | Initial Charge

...the Magic Keyboard has taught me that holding the iPad Pro in my hands is my favorite way to use the device by far. And anything that gets in the way of that tends to discourage me from actually using it.
Now that isn’t to say I don’t like the Magic Keyboard. Quite the opposite, actually — I love the Magic Keyboard. It’s my favorite accessory for the device. But for me, it isn’t something I plan to keep my iPad in permanently.

There is a reason that Apple have developed their keyboard cases to be easily removable and unlike most others on the market. Much like the Smart Keyboard Folio, Apple developed magnets to keep it in the case and not clip on edges. The new floating design proves more than ever that Apple want to make this keyboard work really well when you need it, and removable when you don’t.

My own version sits on my desk open all of the time for me to just place the iPad on it when needed.