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Brydge Pro+ iPad keyboard with trackpad Reviews

Unfortunately the word seems to be out on the new Brydge keyboard Pro+ and it’s not good news.

Jason Snell wrote:

Unfortunately, none of that matters if Brydge doesn’t get the trackpad right on the Pro+, and I’m sorry to report that it hasn’t. The trackpad on the Pro+ isn’t remotely close to Apple’s trackpads in class. Sometimes I move my finger across the trackpad and the cursor appears, but doesn’t move. Other times it moves, hesitates, and then moves some more. Two-finger scrolling is similarly unpleasant. The result is an imprecise, jerky experience. It’s no good.

Having tried my iPad pro with the Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad 2 and also the Logitech MX Master 3 I am confused how they go this so wrong. We could usually write this off to Apple supporting their own hardware better, but numerous people are using other mice and trackpads to great success.

Unfortunately Brydge has a history of shipping poor quality products. I am hoping this is just software but I am disappointed all the same. It’s not just Jason either.

Federico Viticci:

Unfortunately, have to agree with Jason. I was sent a final production unit a couple weeks ago, and I had all the cursor issues Jason mentions too.

It also seems to lack three finger gestures, so it looks hardware related to me but it guess time will tell. You kind of wonder where the testing phase goes on products like these.