I Don’t Feel Interesting Enough

I try not to be self-deprecating as much as I can; however I do suffer quite a lot with imposter syndrome. The great thing is, I have learnt not to check my blog stats, I’m not bothered about podcast downloads and I sure as hell don’t care how many people follow me on social media. Yet every time I do stumble over the figures, I am always surprised because I don’t think I am interesting enough.

I have no idea why people come to my blog, but they do, and I am happy that they get here. Some arrive through Google searches, which lead me down one path the other day, but some do still come from social media. I ask myself why?

When I listen to other people on podcasts, and read others writing, they seem infinity more interesting than I think I am. With more to say on topics that I find really interesting. Does everyone feel like this? Is the fact that I am posting more made people realise how boring I am? These are the types of questions I ask myself regularly, and perhaps I am going crazy thinking about it.

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