The Apple Watch And Work Out Types

It’s that time of the year again; the weather takes a turn for the worst and people (usually Americans) start moaning about having to shovel snow. These types of posts could be a little tongue in cheek, and I have no doubt you are excerpting yourself, but you don’t need a workout type. Some need adding to the Apple Watch such as sport types and training methods, which are slowly being increased- what it doesn’t need is ‘Yardwork’, ‘snow shovelling’ or rocking your baby.

Thankfully the Apple Watch team has now found its market. Instead of a spray and pray device that does everything, its aim is notifications and Heath. Motioning all your workouts and keeping you more engaged with people. Workouts and activity don’t need to be overly complicated by every single time you exert yourself by doing daily tasks. There is a risk of adding too much and again making the Apple Watch too cluttered and too complicated.

Apple watch workouts 1

These types of general are covered regardless of if you start a workout or not. It will detect your heart rate and movement increases and give you relevant move points. You’re exerting yourself so the activity ring will start to climb accordingly. If you’re dead set on recording it as a workout, start the ‘other’ one and then give it a name at the end if you’re ever going to review it. You’ll be forgiven to forget that there is another option because more often than not, it is hidden down at the bottom of your activity options.

You get the same activity credit as a brisk walk, which is around 60 calories per 15 mins. Which is pretty low if you are working hard, so your best bet will be to let your Apple Watch detect how hard you are working and adjust accordingly. You will move your red and yellow rings regardless of you paying attention to them or not – that’s the great thing about Apple Watch.

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