I’m Not An iPad Evangelist

The iPad lifestyle is almost a badge of honour now, a marketing angle, or some might think it a calling. However the be all and end all is the constant need to jump up and down and shout about it is getting a little draining.

If you need to spend a significant amount of money working in an iPad when a Mac would do it for free, I really question if you are working on an iPad at all. I choose an iPad because I had one, it was far better than carrying a laptop and got things done easier and quicker. It was a mobile device and as such kept much of the interaction paradigm I wanted from a mobile phone. I have been working on an iPad for more than 5 years, but it doesn’t mean anything to my identity in technology circles or indeed any other circles. I do not feel the need to mention it at every waking moment like some kind of mantra.

Not because I don’t care about working on an iPad, but because I don’t care what you do. Choose the device that works best for your stuff. I don’t think the argument or even commentary needs to be made. I work on an iPad, you might not, but I don’t need to make it my life’s work to convince you.

If someone has published a post about the iPad, there is little need to give it space in your brain, no need to comment on it for the next week. Write a link post or passive aggressive tweet. Why even be bothered by it? Leave it be.

Evangelism is for causes that need shouting about. Points that need arguing and debating with. The iPad is a computer, but I don’t give a dam what you do with it.


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