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I have never shared anything like this before. Admittedly I share quite a lot but my journal entries 1 are deeply private and actually embarrassing in some instances. Yet I wrote this short snippet in today and wanted to share it with whoever reads my blog.

I’m writing these things for future me to read and understand this is where you made your stand. This is the lowest point that you will build from, no more stress, no more worry.

Most of the time I don’t even realise what I am writing until I read it back. I have got into the habit of sitting down for 20mins and just letting my fingers type away and express the way the day has gone. Some times it makes little sense but it is extremely beneficial to free my mind of some feelings and thoughts.

I do read them back from time to time, often using the ‘on this day’ feature, as it is useful to see if I have been here before. If I have made improvements from other periods in my life, or if I can learn anything to help the ‘current me’.

Unfortunately at the moment I am reading and also writing the same sort of things I did at this point last year. Headaches, stress and low motivation blighting what should be a happy time of year. Don’t get me wrong I am really looking forward to spending the next 10 days relaxing, exercising, meditating and with my family.

However this definitely is my time to build ready for 2019. I am determined to make this a great year (I know I say this every year). I am genuinely excited to achieve more, work smarter 2 and publish more.

  1. I am still using Day One, read my review 
  2. Using Shortcuts 


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