The iPhone Needs A Camera Button

The simple fact is, Apple like removing things. From home buttons, the MacBook Pro ports, to headphone jacks — there is a relentless march towards a simple unibody design with as few cutouts as possible. It makes the design of technology sleek, appealing and arguably leaves more room for important things like battery. Although it’s only when you start using a device that cares more about usability than looking ‘sexy’ you realise this is the wrong move. I’m not saying have buttons for everything but I think it’s time for a dedicated camera button on the iPhone.

Apple place a ridiculous amount of priority on the iPhone camera. Constantly improving the quality of the shots, and plowing money into #shotoniphone advertising. Yet they don’t seem to care about getting to the camera as quickly as possible. Teaching people how to shoot the best pictures is one thing, but the easy capture of important moments is much more important to the everyday user.

Android phones are the leaders in launching the camera as quick as possible. Samsung did it with a double tap of the home button, Motorola has a double twist and even my BlackBerry Key2 has multiple options for friction free captures. All of which are easier than the lock screen shortcuts introduced in iOS11, or the swipe left on the home screen that has existed for years. All these actions seem to do is increase the chance of taking a picture of your pocket or turning on the torch accidentally.

This is without considering that a dedicated key would allow you to launch the camera regardless of what you are doing at the time. At the moment it requires multiple taps and swipes to get to the camera if you are using another app. The ability to launch the camera from every screen is a huge deal, and one that allows you to capture moments much quicker and easier.

Instead, Apple have removed buttons and increased complexity of the interaction with them. The power button is now the side button on the iPhone X and users must relearn to tap, double tap or hold down with other buttons dependent on what you want to achieve — whist keeping the side toggle! It seems self-evident that Android manufactures think about what is the most convenient for their users, and it is time for Apple to do the same. Give us a camera button and allow us to capture even more shot on iPhone pictures.

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