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Jisoncase iPhone X Leather Case Review

As much as people try and convince me otherwise, since the iPhone 6 I just cant use my phone without a case on. The rounded corners and slippery materials leave me with too much worry that my phone will drop to the floor at any moment. I’ve tried loads of cases, from dirt cheap to surprisingly expensive – but stuck with an Apple version as it simply fit and feels the best. This isn’t set in stone though so when Jisoncase offered to send me their leather case for my iPhone X I jumped at the chance.

I opted for the saddle brown version to compliment my iPad case, and they both arrived in packaging that didn’t befit something so reasonably priced. Unlike the £50 Apple leather cases that supliments the £1000 you paid for the phone, the Jisoncase version is priced at just £19.95. At a price point comparative to a middle of the road silicone case, this one feels like you paid much more.

2018 06 22 jisoncase iPhonex side 1

The leather is complimented by hard inlays for the volume and power buttons. It’s hard to say if this is metal or plastic but they fit very well and give a reassuring click when used. Tactile feedback is something I didn’t expect, most others in this price range often neglect the buttons. Leaving users to experience mushy button mashes that you’re not entirely sure if it worked or not.

The quality of leather has also been surprising high. Admittedly it doesn’t feel as soft and supple as that adorning high priced cases, but it has worn very well in the few weeks I have been using it. I do think that leather cases look much better with a little wear on them, but a quick wipe with a cloth to take these review pictures and it looks good as new again!

My only criticism would be the logo across the back. This could be personal preference here, but I’m not entirely happy having Jisoncase across the back of my phone. A subtle Apple it is not, more like a tramp stamp across the rear of a very expensive purchase. This is of course a minor issue given the quality of the case for a very reasonable price. The case is available in saddle brown as pictured above, but also black, blue and red. For the a fraction of the price of an Apple case, this is a bargain – grab one from Jisoncase website, Aliexpress or Amazon