Microsoft still hasn’t been able (come at me) to ever get it through their heads that they needed to start by cutting the head off of their OS and building tablet first, then walking backwards. I think now Microsoft is probably much more capable than then Microsoft, but that’s probably another whole discussion.

Apple went and cut the head off of OS X at the very beginning, and has been very slowly walking in the other direction ever since. But the fact remains that no Surface Pro has ever offered a tablet experience anywhere near as satisfying as an iPad’s.

Yes, it may offer more flexibility, but it comes at the cost of unity and reliably functionality. Just refrigerator toasters all the way down.

This is by far the best sim up of my stance for the iPad. I know I am a little bias towards using the device full time - but Apple have taken the correct approach in my opinion. They get a lot of stick for the OS not being able to do ‘normal’ computer tasks.

Yet I would much rather have a touch OS that makes steady improvements of its ability than a desktop OS made to accept touch input. Things will improve again come WWDC and the narrative will change again.