The book credits technology with the destruction of privacy, and here we catch a glimpse of the world in which we live: ‘With the development of television, and the technical advance which made it possible to receive and transmit simultaneously on the same instrument, private life came to an end.’

I could have chosen any number of quotes to pull out here but this one is the most interesting to me. Technology is wonderful, the advancements have given us a super computer in our pockets - one I am typing out this very post on. Yet I see its impacts when watching videos on social media.

Grainy and blurry videos of current events are feeling the world to be better informed of world events and avoid ‘alternative facts’ yet everything is recorded by the public so there is no more privacy. Everything is recorded, and when anything out of the ordinary happens people reach for their phones and record it. This is all very well in public places, yet the need to share absolutely everything from inside your own home is very strange to me.

With group chats, social media sharing and cameras everywhere how many people truly have a private life any longer?