Thanks to the iPhone X OLED display I am even more in love with black wallpapers than normal. I roll my eyes a little when people claim to save battery, but they definitely save my eyes. Using black also seems to help not put as much stress on my brain. By switching to a black wallpaper I stuffer from far fewer headaches if I am stuck using my phone for extended periods of time.

Whilst a quick Google search will find you a whole treasure trove of black wallpapers, with any number of designs on. It can be hard finding something that fits your phone and also your style. Lately I’ve been using two great wallpapers from a Todoist designer.

Alex Muench who works in product design at Doist has posted two brilliant ones that give a hint at what to expect in their upcoming dark mode. Head over the Dribbble and you can download them for iPhone and Android phones. As a side note Alex has clear instruction “don’t use my wallpaper in your own designs without permission”.

I have been trying out using dark wallpapers and also dark mode in apps to try and use my phone less. These subtle patterns have at least given the background a little design and personality. Whereas a plain black wallpaper (there is an option for solid colours in iOS) is a little too boring.

If these two wallpapers are anything to go by, the Todoist resign will be a huge overhaul. It is my productivity app of choice and one of the few apps yet to have an alternative dark mode and still insists on lots of white space. When everything else on your phone is black it can be more than a little jarring. Thankfully this may well be the end of the tiny head design pandemic!