I have been trying to escape social media for a long time now. I love being social and sharing things, but I don’t want all the abuse and other issues that go with it. I went backwards and forwards with micro.blog a little while ago. Decided to try and build my own, but I’ve really settled into using the platform since adopting Drafts. The original app for iOS is a little basic, but the platform is completely open to building a whole range of others. Enter one of the first - Icro.

Icro is more of a native application than the “offical” app, it looks and functions as a modern iOS application should. I say official very tentatively because unlike Twitter Micro.blog are well behind third party apps and support them whole heartedly. Manton created the original app simply to get things started and has worked with the developer Martin Hartl to push this really hard.

For Micro.blog, I always want to encourage third-party apps. We support existing blogging apps like MarsEdit, and we have an API for more Micro.blog-focused apps to be built. I’m excited to say that a big one just shipped in the App Store: Icro. - Martin Reece

Although this is a 1.0 version of the app, it already has most of the functions you will need to use Micro.blog to its fullest. With hints of the native twitter app, Icro has a bottom tab based UI feels intuitive and easy to navigate. The only thing I have come across is Markdown support seems to be missing / broken - which is strange given the platforms native support. However this does not detract from what is a brilliant app and could be the start of a rich third party echo system.