Google have launched the latest in its suite of apps, the simply named Google tasks. This aims to make sure you get all of those tasks done you’ve been putting off (forgetting). It provides integration between Gmail and other Google services but unfortunately not much else.

Google have clearly worked very hard in the blog and simple design making it a really easy to understand what’s going on. It is amazingly straight forward to quickly add tasks and accompanying subtasks into different lists, with notifications of a due date if you wish.

Unfortunately for Google the game has changed dramatically for task management apps. Although this app is free it must work hard to convince those already using well rounded services. Google tasks falls flat when comparing to Things3 and Todoist. Even smaller apps such as 2Do offer much better features, so I’m hard pushed to find a reason for this to exist other than learning more about you.

I had high hopes that if anyone could nail productivity it would be Google. Yet major things are suspiciously absent. There is no natural language input for tasks as with Todoist - something I’m shocked at given Google’s ability to machine learn all the things.

Also missing are any automation features like those from Things 3. Which means the app is severely limited for real productivity usage. This simple app is for those embedded into a Google Apps lifestyle and nothing more. Google Tasks is more akin to Microsoft To-Do than a serious app to help you achieve your goals.

It may provide everything you need if you use solely Gmail, no harm in trying.