Despite much buzz around Things of late, I have found myself falling back into using Todoist more and more. Not because of the design, not because it doesn’t do things many other apps do - but because of the open nature of the platform and the powerful API ability. One of the very best I have found so far is Trelloist.

The kanban approach taken by Trello is a popular one in technology circles but also in many businesses. The card based approach seems to be like marmite, you either love it or hate it 1. However there is now no need to transfer all projects into two different apps. Trelloist lets you create, manage and track your Todoist tasks on their journey to being completed.

Even though it doesn’t use (or is even supported by) Trello, it is a serverless application that uses the Todoist API. Meaning your information and all of your tasks are secure and you are not giving up access to another service. In order to use the web application you must copy and past in the API token from the Todoist integrations menu.

Trelloist also supports one of my very favourite features of Todoist - natural language input. Although there are options to add this into other apps using Workflow, there is nothing quite like typing items into the app.

There are a couple of caveats with Trelloist, it is only available as a web service so don’t expect to be shuffling cards around in any apps. It will also mean you have the column headers as labels on your Todoist set up. However in exchange you will get a service that could allow you to get more done and track your progress through certain tasks.