Since the massive 3.4 update I have been playing with the todo app Things quite a lot. This is no surprise if you’ve followed me since then because the feed has been filled with workflows. I have watched countless videos and read loads of blog posts of other people set ups, so I though I would share my own.

Much of my set up is carried over from my Todoist set up. I have used Todoist for quite a while and wrote a review last year which switched many people on to one of the very best todo platforms out there. All though I still think it is a great app, there are features that have brought me over to Things, and many of them are automation features and excellent design choices which make my life easier.


For as long as I can remember I have had a work project, a home project and and create project. These are the three pillars of my life if you will and encompass all of my tasks from achieving work goals, remember to pick the milk up and things such as creating the show notes for BYOD Podcast. In things the projects have become areas, with projects underneath them, which themselves contain all of my tasks.

This in itself means that my tasks can be filtered into quite a few different overlapping areas. Considering that Things has the ability to put check lists inside tasks, inside projects, inside areas, I have to have a pretty robust system in place to know where my tasks are at any given time. Hence my extensive use of due dates and also tags to filter by time needed to complete the task.


The one place I spend most of my time is in specific tags queries. I have carried this over the from Todoist and used a 5min, 30min, 1hour, ongoing and unknown tag. This allows me to give a quick estimation of how long things will take, so I can squeeze things into a spare few minutes.

I then use the new URL scheme to create quick launch items in Launcher to help me view them easily. For example to view my small 5min tasks the URL would be things:///show?query=5min. I have a small gripe that a tag filter isn’t easier to access inside the app, however there is a pretty robust search by dragging down from the top, so I use this a lot to filter tasks.

I don’t find myself using headings in projects, although I am undertaking a large scale building project over the next few weeks so may find a use for them. The options of how you set up your task lists in Things seems to be endless, however Workflow has proved invaluable to me for adding tasks in.


If you haven’t already seen my recent posts head over to my workflow area and check them out. There are quite a few for adding in information to Things as quickly and as easy as possible. There are a few that live in my Launcher widget and are used frequently.

New Idea into Bear and Things

Quickly add a task into things using natural language

Attachments and notes in Things using Bear

That is pretty much my set up for using Things, I’ve splashed out and also bought the Mac app in the last few days so it’s safe to say I am all in! Although I’m never satisfied so this could only last until the next hot app comes along, but until then I will be sharing my Workflows and tips for all the apps that I use.