There are no shortage of text editors on iOS, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried most of them. They range from the amazingly powerful (and my personal favourite) Ulysses down to those that are tiny and straight forward. Textor is one of the later, but that isn’t to say it isn’t an excellent tool.

Developer Louis D’hauwe released the bare bones text editor along side OpenTerm after developing it for his personal use. He needed a text editor and terminal app in order to adopt an iPad as his primary computer. This is something I whole hardly support, so I’m excited to check out the app.

You would be hard pushed to find an application so light weight and easy to use. By stripping out all of the usual hassle of hosting files and syncing between devices the app lays out exactly what’s needed. Users are greeted with the iOS11 document picker to launch a text file or create a new document. Allowing you to work with any text file on any desired cloud platform - be it iCloud, Dropbox, and everything in between.


The only interaction other than Apples file browser is a writing interface with zero frills. No customisation what-so ever. Simply an open white space, curser and keyboard for you to tap away on.

Whilst the app will no doubt fill a need for those looking for a simple and straight forward free text editor. It’s unlikely to suit those wanting power features in order to create a lot of content. The real beauty of adopting a bare bones approach is that files remain exactly as intended. Textor doesn’t interfere with text like so many other apps do. Both Bear and Ulysses tend to use non standard customisations which can cross wires depending on what you’re are trying to achieve.

Think of Textor as more of a TextEdit for iOS than a writing tool. Although convincing users why they need it could be hard given apps such as Working Copy or Coda already provide this built in. The application is however free for you to try and also open source, so could provide exactly what you need or be the starting point for other developers to add onto.