Following the updates to Things 3 to add in automation features I have been deep into experimenting. Federico over at MacStories has been publishing his thoughts and examples, so I though I would start to share some of mine.

The first of which doesn’t actually use the new automation features, but has been one of my most used for quite a while. Workflow already has the inbuilt ability to save items to Things, so I’ve built a simple workflow to add tasks from emails in my favourite email app Spark.

Email To Spark

This is a pretty simple Workflow that I built in preparation for Spark getting the ability to natively add tasks. This is already in the Mac app but yet to see the light on iOS, when last speaking to Readdle they are including this in a major 2.0 update in the near future.

Until then, simply download the Worlkflow and get to work. I have set this up to split the email into sections as a desired place. In my use-case this is at the start of the signature, all of my company use the same one so it was dead easy. Just add in your desired text snippet to split at or leave blank if you want to include the whole email.

Copy the email subject to the clipboard and share the email to the Workflow. This is a particularly crude way of doing things, and is far from perfect. It simply allows a stop gap while Spark for iOS is updated. Which unfortunately there is no ETA for (the developers are still tight lipped on how far along they are).

I will try and share the workflows that keep me going and no doubt will include lots of those to do with Things going forward.