It is unlikely we will ever know exactly how many iPhone X were sold by Apple. They usually release a huge total of all combined models, but never break it down into the versions. However researcher Canalys has put a number on it, and it looks promising.

The tech giant sold 29 million iPhone units in the fourth quarter, including 7 million in the U.S., Canalys said in a statement on Tuesday. That was enough to make the iPhone X the most popular iPhone Apple sold during the period, topping the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

After being initially cautious on iPhone X sales, the numbers seem to speak for themselves. Granted this is only a guess, but it the iPhone X achieves numbers anywhere near the iPhone 8 models then Apple will be delighted.

Add to this the fact that Counter Point released research suggesting that the iPhone X ‘ dominated the premium tier’ and that all three models of iPhone occupied the top three spots in global sales. Beating its best ever sales (sell through) in a single month in the USA.

Sales are bound to slow now the holidays are over and the initially excitement, but several news sources are already thinking this leads to doom. Apple supply chain did an amazing job to meet demand for the new handset and all initially reservations of poor stock availability was blown away. Meaning production must slow now the wave has broken.

This doesn’t mean Apple issues are over, in fact it may put even more pressure on growth from share holders than ever before. The iPad has returned to growth and the iMac pro along side a Mac Pro this year could boost sales but stretch resources. If resent software issues are anything to go by it may be the time that growth takes a back seat to improving reliability, but Wall Street just doesn’t work like that!