Unfortunately it’s still early enough in the year for everyone to still be producing these listicles! During last weeks BYOD podcast Nati asked me what my favorite device from this year was, and it turns out I haven’t bought many! However there are a few major wins from 2017 and here they are.

10.5 iPad Pro

Expect nothing less from a guy that uses an iPad as his main computer. The new model is everything I wanted from an iPad. It has a slightly larger screen but is still highly portable. It is amazingly powerful, and although I don’t consume much media on it, the screen is a delight to look at.

The iPad Pro has taken my productivity to a whole new level. Initially iOS11 took some brain power to adapt to the new split screen options but almost everything is now slotting into place. There are several apps I depend on and these are even better with a bigger, brighter screen.

There isn’t much I would change on this device. I really hope they don’t ruin it and push towards a ‘bezel-less’ design. iPad is more suited to a traditional home button and also a thinker bezel that is more comfortable to hold. Apple could get too carried away and ruin things when they got it so right with this one.

5k iMac

Although this is not a new device I upgraded in 2017 and I am so glad I did. The increase in screen real estate and also resolution has allowed me to get much more done. The iMac is such a great compact design that I will often now sit at my desk instead of working on my iPad or phone.

Editing in Logic Pro X is a particular pleasure now, I can easily see the sound waves and also have extra windows open. The iMac is expensive and not for everyone however I am so glad I finally hit the buy button.

Beats X

The AirPods would qualify but I actually bought them in 2016. Although I use those the most often, I have replaced my faulty Powerbeats with Beat X after much deliberation and they have turned out great.

Although they are a more a fashion orientated headphone they have been great to use at the gym. The ‘neckbud’ design is not my favourite, but they seal very well around my ears and shut out most of the background music at the gym. The best part is they charge by lightening! I still can’t work out why other Beats headphones don’t because there is nothing worse than having a separate cable JUST for my headphones.

Other notables

Other things I have really enjoyed using this year include the iPhone X - I’ve written far to much about this already. The Series 3 Apple Watch and also the BlackBerry KeyOne. This is one of the only Android I have been disappointed to send back.

2018 looks like it will be an exciting year for not just Apple but for lots of manufacturers so subscribe to the podcast so you can hear my thoughts.