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iPhone Lopie Sea Island Cotton Series Case

You will often find me spending far too much money on productivity apps, but I have another love. Cases are another thing I am never happy with, always looking for the new thing that will keep my pride and joy safe.

Finding the balance point between protecting your phone, but also not adding too much weight or bulk is a difficult choice. Whilst the iPhone X is great and gives me a nice big screen to use one handed, it is heavier than previous models, so adding the official case has bumped the weight up to almost the tipping point.

2017 12 28 Lopie seaisland inside 1

When my phone took a tumble earlier this year it survived only because of the official leather case. Others would have provided it with similar protection, but it has made me so fearful of a similar accident with my £1000 purchase. I just can’t use it naked for very long. So ever in search of something new I ordered the Lopie Sea Island Corton Series case and here is my quick review.

The only reason I ordered this model is because the Verge adorning it the best leather case, and for £15 I figured why not try it. I wasn’t quite banking on an estimated delivery of 20–25 days though! Thankfully it arrived after 20, well packaged and made of great quality materials. The Lopie Sea Island Corton Series case is covered by a combination of a tweed like material at the top and a leather at the bottom. My particular version is light brown.

2017 12 28 Lopie seaisland camera 1

Case Pouch

I’m not a fan of keeping bank cards, or any other type of card for that matter tucked in the back of my phone. Some people use their case as a faux wallet and store everything in there. However great this seems in practice, it can be extremely annoying when you want to actually use the phone.

This for me is the only sticking point of a great case – there is a card slot in the back of the phone. Where material meets leather, for some reason Lopie made it a pocket. However I have never tucked a card in there, and never will. The small gap is barely noticeable and I struggle to get a finger nail in there to prise it open. Should you wish to use it to store a card or two, I have no doubt the leather will stretch to accommodate this. However once this is done, there is no going back, it will be a pocket forever.

2017 12 28 Lopie seaisland buttons 1


The pouch does mean that there is a difference in height of the two materials. When handling the phone, you will notice a ‘lip’ that takes a little getting used to when compared to standard staple cases. For the last couple of years I have settled into moving backwards and forwards between an Apple Leather case, and also an Apple silicone case. So having any difference in texture felt strange to start but an easy enough compromise.

The leather strangely ads a certain slippery feel when compared to the grip of the material at the top. However I have every confidence the leather will age well, and some doubts that the top of the case will do the same. The case will provide a good level of drop protection but the material will definitely suffer should it happen outside.

The designers have offset the grey fabric against extremely tactile if a little garish buttons. They compliment the colouring of the leather reasonably well, however highlighted handset buttons seem to be the in look at the moment. With that said they are sturdy and offer reassuring clicks when pressed, something missing from most cases around this price point.


This is a great case for the price point. It offers luxury akin to the official Apple cases but at a fraction of the price. It will take a while to get to you, but it is definitely worth the wait. The attention to detail on the buttons and also the second sim and ejection tool pocket found inside the case, all lead me to believe in the workmanship gone into the Lopie Sea Island Corton Series case.

More than anything, this case has made me realise how much I would love a case made of the fabric material. Google did a great job with the Pixel case, and I’m hoping someone will make one in the very near future. However this case is one of the best I have tried. Stylish and comfortable to hold without much bulk.

You can buy the Lopie Sea Island Corton Series case in Light brown from Amazon, it is also available in Coffee Brown and Dark Brown. If you are using the iPhone 7 or 8, fear not as they are also available in Light Brown, Dark Brown and Coffee Brown.