The iPhone x isn’t the future today

There has been lots and lots of noise following the iPhone event on Tuesday, Which is one of the reasons I have left this post for a few days. As normal falling into two camps of opinion, which is always to be expected, however the prevailing narrative is that the iPhone x is the future of smartphones in a product made now – unfortunately this simply is not true.

The truth is that once phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S8, the LG G6 and various others from Chinese OEMs started hitting the market the traditional iPhone design became old. It was certainly iconic, but rooted in design and technical capability of a decade ago.

IPhoneX mockup png 1Smartphone manufacturers are already producing handset of equal design and production quality equal to the iPhone X. The bitter pill to swallow is that Cupertino until now had been relying on legacy install base for sales results. The materials used and the manufacturing process may be a large step forward, but the design of the iPhone X shows that Apple is just catching up to the already high bar.

There is no doubt that Apple have crammed in a huge amount of technology and achieved a screen to body ration that is leading the pack – but does this really matter to users? FaceID although very impressive, feels a little too much like a compromise. Questions still exist if Apple believe this is the way we authenticate for years to come, or if it was developed simply because they couldn’t get TouchID to work under the screen.

Samsung beat Apple to a full screen handset and are set to have another crack at it in a few months time. Leaving Apple to inevitably play catch up once again. iPhone X is not tomorrow design today, it is todays design but a few months late.

Greg Morris @gr36