Google Keep As A Writing Tool

I’m starting to think I have a problem, I just can’t leave things alone. Once I find a great app that does what I need, I write the review and then start looking at other options.

Days after finding Bear to write everything from short notes to full posts I was eyeing up other Notes apps. I decided to give Google Keep a try and it is actually pretty good. Not really as a notes app, but for reminders and todo lists.

I’m sure it makes a very good notes app for those quick little notes you occasionally need. The whole UI is based around post it notes after all, yet it doesn’t hold a candle to other notes apps in terms of features.

You can attach images, voice notes and URL’s but only one per note. Users can also forget about any kind of formatting or inline linking, but these features don’t feature in the stock iOS app either. It is only third party options, that usually come at a premium, that leave Google Keep in their wake. With all that said it does everything most people will need to do. Doing the simple things very well indeed and syncing notes to iOS, Android and the web.

Google keep screenshots 1Google are great at keeping everything simple and easy to understand, doing a great job with the Keep app. Everything is controlled from a left hand menu accessed using the ‘hamburger’ icon in the top left. The design is very Googley, using their own material design but still following an iOS familiarity. The design won’t be to everyone taste, yet it holds a certain charm.

The simple design allows it to handle reminders and todo lists perfectly. It is a breeze to add straight forward notes or customise them with Labels, reminders and colour schemes should you feel the need.

It is surprisingly convenient to use, and in many ways punches well above it’s weight when compared to many todo apps. The app is also completely free which is a major bonus, considering the cost of most iOS todo apps seems to be £20+. You will need a Google account though, so nothing after that point is ever completely free.

By setting up labels for Writing, Home and Work; heavy use of tick boxes and reminders I have managed to set up a use case that is very similar to my Todoist setup. If you are in two minds if to stump up the cash for a year of a power todo app it might be worth checking out Google Keep first. It could very easily save you quite a bit of money per year.


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