I have had somewhat of a love / hate relationship with Apple Watch. I love the majority of its health features. It has allowed me to listen far more closely to my body and my activity levels. Alongside also frustrating me with achievements that I cannot and should not be able to achieve. Unfortunately fellow users I am here to tell you that your pictures of your perfect month achievement on social media means sod all.

That is unless you are targeting yourself properly. If you are, you really should not be achieving the perfect months that watchOS expects. This has a little to do with rest days and a lot to do with targets. I see countless people posting perfect months in the r/ Apple Watch with targets that are far less than normal daily movement.

Your red ring target should be a something to motivate you and aim for. A pinnacle you should achieve when pushing yourself just that little bit out your comfort zone. So therefore shouldn’t be done every day, yet the amount of people hitting streaks of hundreds of days is quite staggering. Why is this?

It is the fact they are aiming for move goals of 200-300. A goal that most people should hit on a lazy day off. You really should be aiming to hit a much higher goal fewer times a week. Otherwise your movement isn’t really doing much to help you.

I am delighted Apple have introduced tailored achievements depending on your level of activity. This may help push people on to move a little more and not worship the streak, unfortunately your perfect months don’t mean a dam thing.