There are a huge variety of password managers out there now, unfortunately some people still resort to writing them down! The creators of TunnelBear have launched a new app to try and make Password Managers more fun and user friendly. RememBear aims to boost the levels of password manager usage with their usual cute animals.

Our apps have always focused on just making our service fun, simple, and approachable for everyone - Ryan Dochuk

The App follows in the same vein as popular choices 1Password or DashLane but aims to make the app have more personality. Ease of use is vital when trying to attract new users, unfortunately only 3% of people use a password manager. With people often reusing passwords across websites and services, and more often than not making them easy to guess.

Those using RememBear can rest assured all Passwords and Card information is encrypted and synced across all of your devices. With easy to use extensions available for Safari (iOS and Mac), Chrome and Firefox, so all of your information can be populated into websites with just a few taps. The app will also generate strong new passwords for you making it dead easy to secure all of your info as much as possible.

Unfortunately RememBear not only faces stiff competition from established services, but also from Apple themselves. Apple have improved the ease of use of their built in KeyChain in iOS11, making it much more attractive. Passwords are now secured behind biometric authentication removing any risk of other people gaining access when using your phone. Passwords are now also visible inside the settings App for times you need them displayed.

RememBear does lack the ‘WatchTower’ function of 1Password which keeps an eye out for companies that have suffered security breaches and encourages you to change your password. However the App is still in Beta so new functions can, and are, being developed all the time. Once out of Beta RememBear will have a subscription option for increased functionality.

If you want to check it out, the app is completely free. The app makes it dead easy to import your passwords from other password managers so there is no excuse to not give it a try.