Mindfulness or meditation has existed for thousands of years but has experienced a huge boom over the last few years. The benefits of bringing your concentration on your breath are almost undeniable, but it has experienced a boom in recent years and is particularly prevalent in Silicone Valley. With that in mind Apple are exploring the option to add the practice as a fourth ‘ring’ to fill.

Through the use of differential privacy, Apple have been tracking the rise of mindfulness. The levels of which can be recorded in Apple Health through manual input or third party apps such as Headspace or Calm. Continuing on the success of the activity, people familiar with the matter have informed me that Apple are thinking of implementing a Mindfulness goal into the Activity App.

Internal testing of a green dot which grows based on the individual mindfulness target has begun. The design of which follows in line with the Breathe App already installed on all Apple Watches. When complete this will fill the internal hole made by the current three rings.

As with everything rumoured, this may never see a public release however more than one Apple employee has highlighted the desire of Cupertino to push forward with improving the health of its users with meditation.

Mindfulness has been shown to have beneficial effects on mental health when completing just a few minutes a day. Research has shown that periods as small as 10 minutes can minimise stress levels, improve cognitive ability, and even aid towards improving the wellbeing of those suffering with depression. So it is obvious why Apple would want to build the activity into the Apple watch.

The wearable platform may have its faults, and it certainly needs a rest day, however it is great to see Apple take into account more than just the physical health of those strapping on an Apple Watch.