I’m not new to this whole improving your life movement, and I’m certainly not new to technology. Those two worlds collide more than you think, and as more and more of our lives go digital it happens more often. Shifting more of our minds to the cloud leads to more of the population looking to their device for mental help.

When in reality we should be looking within ourselves, we are looking down every avenue of help externally. This is an understandable response, desperation and loneliness are powerful personal emotions. Naturally this leads to a reliance on the most personal thing we have in our lives, our mobile phone.

As sad as this is, many people see their mobile phone as their avenue to becoming themselves. More and more members of society are removed from the community and spend almost every moment of their life alone. Leading to a trend of people that choose to pursue happiness on their own.

There is a booming industry around self medicating our spiralling mental health crisis. Services exist to try and make you healthier, get you to meditate more and everything in between. Most worrying of all, there is an overwhelming trend in creating websites and applications that promise to make you happier.

There becomes a time when you must stop reading guides how to make yourself better and start. This is not some supped up, hyper able individual giving you this advice without actually dealing with the issue. I have been there, I have battled these things and the way to happiness simply can’t be found in an app.

Many of these ping you motivational quotes, blazoned across a setting sun or someone doing something amazing. Some simply give you tips and meditative advice. Whatever the app does, it isn’t as helpful as talking to other people and knowing yourself. Knowing yourself is the most important thing in life, and distracting yourself with mobile phone apps could be a short term fix, if a fix at all.

If one of these apps manages to make you feel happier — that is brilliant. Take whatever tools you can to make your life better, happiness can be gained from many simple places. However don’t rely on these as a fix, question what isn’t making you happy in the first place. Simple fixes are often just papering over the cracks of a larger problem. If your phone is your main outlet, pick it up and text someone instead.