I’m never sure how many people complaining about issues are actually users of the phone or OS in question. I tweeted about this yesterday as a genuine question. Although some may have took it as a tweet dismissive of issues in iOS, I an genuinely interested in the level of bugs and the moaning on Twitter.

Are they complaining or just causing noise because of fan boy issues. Are the bugs being tweeted about or the hardware issues that cause articles to be written actually bad enough for them to buy something else. Are they in actually fact minor niggles that are annoying but can be lived with.

The Pixel 2 XL was trashed for several weeks regarding it apparent screen issues, yet as the noise dies down those same people writing and tweeting about the issue are still using the device. The same can be said about people tweeting “iOS11 is the buggiest release ever” or similar, most are still proudly wielding an iPhone despite the moaning.

As much as we try not to, we all fit into one camp or another. Despite trying to remain as neutral as I can, others place me in these camps anyway. I whole heartedly agree that users of technology should be aware of the downfall of equipment they spend their money on. However the noise surrounding what could be called a minor bug is much larger than it used to be.

BendGate, BatteryGate and whatever gate you wish to use, were often real issues with devices. Yet all I seem to see now is moans and groans about one-off software glitches. Are these actually really issues? I’m as guilty of this as anyone, and it has caused perspective on issues that surround our usage of technology.

Perhaps I am too blinded to see the real issues at large, or perhaps I am too interested in other things about the world to really care if FaceID fails twice in a day. Such is the beauty of Twitter, I am sure someone will tell me!