At 9:30 on Friday 3rd November I joined a line snaking from the front of a store in the middle of Highcross shopping centre in Leicester. It’s something I had done a few times previous, and I gladly waited for my turn at the front. When this opportunity rolled around, I was greeted with brilliant personal service, a member of store staff that really cared about my experience lead inside to buy my iPhone X.

This experience is something that doesn’t come up very often when talking about Apple. They are highlighted as a huge company that dictates how its users must use their products. A monster that long ago lost sight of what is good for its customers and simply seeks more and more profit. This argument may or may not be true. However Josh, my personal guide through this experience, cared that I got exactly what I needed.

He guided me with knowledge, grace and understanding through a process that ultimately ended with me spending well in excess of a thousand pounds. This customer service is often forgotten amongst the failing products, questionable design decisions and fan boy noise.

I have preordered technology products before that I have been simply handed to me in a plastic bag whilst I am guided out of the store. I have had retail experiences in stores where my questions are met with blunt answers that appear to be read from a training manual. However Apple have never let me down (yet), and much can be said about this ability to have retail stores that will look after you.

I am not fearful of buying a first generation product, because I know from experience that if all else fails I can turn up at their store and resolve the issue. This cannot be said about most companies, that pass you to customer service teams in foreign countries, or require you to post your product back for an indeterminate period of time. Apples customer service advantage is clear to see from conversations with users, and comments on social media.

It is not something that can be excluded from the conversation when raising concerns with spending large amounts of money. It is a massive advantage and one I’m glad exists.