Apple have made several considerable changes to the Apple Watch. What was once a complicated and cluttered experience is now slim and targeted to its audience. The Series 3 achieves what the team set out to make, an independent piece of hardware that can do almost everything your iPhone can. Run apps, make calls and stream music without being tethered to your handset. However more than 2 years, and 3 OS updates later there is still no Apple Watch Podcasts app!

The Apple Watch it now the fitness watch of choice for millions of people, providing users with heart rate data, calories burned and combined with some Bluetooth headphones, their music. With the introduction of an independent data connection Apple Music is now a major marketing angle for Apple, users are free to stream everything they desire - as long as it’s Apple Music.

Overcast developer Marco Armet implemented a round about way of syncing Podcasts to the watch, which many users abandoned after a few uses due to the slow speeds of data transfer. This wasn’t the apps fault at all, simply ‘limitations of the hardware’, Apple removed the ability to do this at all in the latest update. Indeed hardware issues with sync may be the issue, however Apple manage to sync Apple Music pretty well. With LTE added to the Series 3 version of the watch sync/streaming simply is not a valid argument any longer for the lack of Apple Watch Podcasts.

Perhaps there are some technical reasons, but Apple are strangly silent on the lack of Podcasts. Sure the medium existed long before, but Podcasting would not be where it is today without the iPod and iTunes support. Even today you can’t really achieve any kind of success without submitting your show to the Apple Podcast library (formerly iTunes Podcasts). Many other systems scrape Apple for listings and populate this to their app, so it seems strange that this glaring omission is still happening.

I live in hope that the day will come when the little purple icon will pop up on the honeycomb home screen of my watch. However this far down the line of updates it is a little too long to keep my fingers crossed for Apple Watch Podcasts.