For a few years now I have been using my an iPad as my primary computer. I communicate from it, I’m productive on it, but most of all I write every post on my blog on it. In actual fact I’m writing this post on this brilliant app right now, I preach about it’s benefits so much some fellow iPad users have converted over to the service.

Although I would consider myself an advanced user, I’ve been publishing some of my Workflows and tips to help others, I’m still picking up tips almost every day. I was a particularly late starter so long time users such as Shawn Blanc and the Sweet Setup Team have created the ultimate guide to getting the most from Ulysses.

The course consists of 7 concisely written guides and accompanying videos on a whole range of subjects. Some are aimed towards those using Ulysses for longform prose, and some for short blog posts like this one. However each one contains loads of set up information and how to use all of the expansive features so you can tailor your own experience.

learn ulysses

So you want to get started?

Head over to the App Store and download the app, Ulysses now has a 14 day free trial so you can try it out before you decide to sign up to the subscription service. During your free trial you will have access to the app for iOS and macOS so you can try everything out. To get access to all the Learn Ulysses guides you will need to purchase the ‘Pro’ version which will set you back a very reasonable $29 ($23 if you’re very quick).

If you’re a writer and wanting to take things to the next step, or simply want to get started Learn Ulysses is an invaluable tool where you will learn all the tricks - making your experience the best it can be.